James Martin Bathroom Vanities
Quality - Value - Style
We are proud to be an authorized retailer of James Martin Vanities.
Founded 17 years ago, James Martin Vanities is a leading manufacturer of premium bathroom vanity cabinets and mirrors. They strive to design and craft bathroom furnishings using the best combination of Old-World construction paired with modern technology. While cabinets may appear similar, the manufacturing process James Martin employs ensures that each cabinet is a one of a kind piece created by their skilled team to be enjoyed in your home for years to come.
  • They begin by using North American hardwoods and other sustainable wood species in each of their cabinets
  • The wood is then dried and moisture tested to ensure the best construction materials are used
  • Each part of the cabinet is created and hand assembled by a team of craftsmen
  • Carvings are completed by hand, as is drawer construction and assembly
  • The finish is applied in multiple steps and layers to give each piece depth and richness
  • James Martin has a team of highly trained quality control supervisors that check the work at each stage of production
  • The end result is a unique product much like a work of art