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Galala Beige Stone Swatch

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Material: Marble

Color: Galala Beige


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James Martin Premium Standard Features

James Martin has been manufacturing premium products since 2003. They really go the extra mile during the production process bringing you quality and value to each piece.

  • Each Vanity Is crafted by hand using furniture standards for a superior product built to last 15+ years
  • Each Vanity is hand assembled to assure quality
  • Details are hand carved into the vanity. Most vanity manufactures will glue an additional piece, often a different material like acrylic, onto the vanity to create details
  • All vanities are finished with RESISTOVAR sealant to protect against water, UV & stains
  • Vanities that are painted are done so by hand not by a machine
  • Vanities where the wood is stained is also done by hand. Since the stain is hand applied each vanity is unique as there may be slight variations in finished look from wood grains, the person who applied the stain, etc. Other companies use machines to stain their wood causing each vanity to have a uniform mass produced look.
  • Distressed look is also done by hand allowing lines to be topical/decorative leaving the vanity intact to add character but not to compromise the quality. Each vanity is unique as no two distressed finishes will ever look the same. Other companies use a machine beating up the wood too much compromising the longevity of the vanity.


  • Vanity bases are built with all solid wood on all 4 sides of the vanity, including the back, no cheap unfinished wood on the back side
  • Each Vanity has 1 vertical support (2 vertical supports if over 60”) for added stability and support of countertop weight
  • All 4 vanity corners have corner gussets or brackets that are screwed (not glued) to reinforce sides
  • All wood pieces are sanded and finished satin smooth, whether they are seen or NOT (back of the vanity, shelves, under drawers, etc.)


  • 5 sided box construction. Most companies drawers are 4 sided, meaning the front of the vanity is also the handle piece and over time with regular pulling on, the drawer will pull apart and the front will fall off. James Martin vanities build their drawers with 4 solid pieces and then attach the vanity front/handle piece to the drawer with screws, allowing you to continually tug on them with no problems
  • All 4 sides of the drawers are joined with English Dovetail Joinery. It is the oldest and strongest form of joinery. James Martin is one of the few remaining companies to still do this. Most companies use the cheaper alternative like French Dovetailing.
  • All drawers have full extension drawer glides that are mounted under the drawer allowing you to fully pull your drawer all the way out to have full visibility of the inside. Other vanity company’s drawers only pull out 3/4 the way, so you have to bend and reach to see. These undermount glides also let you easily remove and lift the drawer out.
  • Drawers are soft closing as a safety feature so little ones wont get their fingers slammed in a drawer.
  • All drawer bottoms have brushed aluminum laminate for a fresh modern look even after many years of use it will still look like new. The aluminum laminate is easy to wipe clean without leaving stains and can handle daily abuse of products. Use a soapy rag to clean spills as they happen.
  • Drawer wood is sanded and finished satin smooth, no snags or splinters!


  • Solid wood frame all around for the tightest closure
  • All doors have a Euro hinge. This style hinge is very strong to hold the solid wood door. These hinges are adjustable. If during shipping, moving, etc, doors become unaligned, you can easily realign them
  • All doors are soft closing


  • Removable
  • Adjustable heights
  • Screw into place (not held up with pegs like others) making them sturdy with no tipping or rocking
  • Shelves are prefabricated to allow for plumbing
  • Fully finished to match outside vanity and satin smooth


  • Added storage with tip-out-style top drawers. James Martin tip-outs include bamboo inserts that are finished satin smooth for functional storage. They are keyhole notched to pull out with ease for cleaning, viewing, etc.

Vanity Backs

  • All backs are made with the same solid wood and finished as the rest of the vanity. Other vanity companies use a cheaper wood, unfinished, since it “isn't seen”
  • Other vanity companies prefabricate the back of their vanity for plumbing, leaving a large ugly hole. James Martin vanities are not prefabricated since everyones plumbing situation is unique letting you cut the perfect size hole so goodies don't fall through to the back, dust bunnies cant get into your vanity, so you don't have to see your bathroom wall through your vanity, etc etc.


  • Every vanity has adjustable levelers on each leg bottom so your vanity can be level and stable in your unique space. Some companies don't do this so their vanities end up wobbling if your floor isn't perfectly even.


  • Some of our traditional and transitional style vanities include a decorative wood backsplash that match the vanity. James Martin is one of the only companies to offer this added bonus as a unique design feature. Installation of these backsplashes are totally optional and are yours to keep.
  • They are sealed and protected against water, UV, stains, etc
  • Designs are hand carved into the wood


  • James Martin offers a variety of colors and thickness to create a “custom” look
  • All their countertops are prefabricated and sized to fit perfectly with their vanities saving you time, money and hassle
  • All countertops come with a porcelain sink bowl in either a rectangle or oval shape


  • All mirrors are made with the same furniture grade quality as the vanities
  • All mirrors are assembled with expensive and durable english joinery
  • All mirrors have a premium feature where the glass is beveled
  • All mirrors are finished with RESISTOVAR sealant to protect against water, UV & stains
  • Some collections have matching mirrors available

Other Bonus Features included with Specific Vanities

  • Power outlets INCLUDED inside the vanity, other companies charge extra as an add-on. Outlets include 2 usb ports and two plugs with a breaker switch and are FCC compliant. Power outlets are preinstalled onto either a drawer or shelf (depending on vanity design), all you have to do is plug the plug into a wall outlet or you can have an electrician hook up directly to a power source. Super easy.
  • Faux shagreen drawer organizers for added storage comes included with certain vanities
  • Bamboo door organizers for added storage comes included with certain vanities. Bamboo wood has a satin smooth finish, no snags or splinters
  • Wall mounted - some vanities can be mounted on a wall for a floating look. All mounting hardware is included with the vanity
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